Monday, 28 November 2011

TheRoal of university/college teachers

The Era Globalization has brought out changes at all levels viz primary to tertlary lavelof education .The reality in
 the most of the institution is that one can find large lecture rooms centre-staged with discipline experts ,continue to transmit theoretical knowledge in big -sized chunks for passive learners to receive and consume.collaboration is not encouraged or required.The approach taken  by teachers today is simply a result of the way they were taught.Typically university education has been a place to learn theoretical knowledge devoid of context.The teachers transmit the facts and skills that they are required to absorb and regurgitate on exams.Text books and lecture notes are the main resources for study ,with the practice of  retention and transfer of knowledge was assumed but rarely assessed.In this era of globalization the teachers have to change their roles to support the learning needs of students at higher level.The online delivery of units and courses has now become central to institutions strategic planning Internet has become a top- down ,policy- driven push  rather than a bottom-diffusion of good educational innovation and practice.

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